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Helping Black Families Own a Home!

Families Served

It's about more than helping families own homes. We walk the journey to financial independence with our clients, helping them escape generational poverty and debt. Culturally-competent Advisors help navigate public and private systems to help you achieve your financial goals.

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You Deserve to Live the American Dream!

We're ready to help you get started.

What Does Owning a Home Mean to YOU?


is not just an American Dream, it is a universal aspiration and need. Homeownership means families can plant seeds and lay a solid foundation for the future. Whether you're a first generation homeowner, a young couple or someone who's saved all their life to purchase a home, we know how important an achievement that is! 


Shanell McCoy


I learned so much from the Family Stabilization Plan in my early twenties and have used the knowledge to build my own credit. Build Wealth MN also greatly supported my start-up business and gave me the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur. I am beyond grateful for this organization.


Danielle Delk


Build Wealth MN not only helped me to reach my personal goals but also my professional goals! Mr. Jeff had my best interest at heart during my home buying process. Build Wealth MN is an extension to my family. I appreciate the guidance and wisdom that the program offered. David and Regina are helping the community where there is a need.


Antonio & Chandra Robbinson


We started as the “A Team” when we were in the very first Family Stabilization class. Build Wealth did not give up on us and my family stuck with it. Now we are proud owners of a 5 bedroom 2 bath house with 4 acres 10 years later. Once again Thank You Build Wealth.

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